CS Reisemobile Rondo Mercedes camper review

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The CS-Rondo is based on the Mercedes Sprinter with 3.665 mm wheelbase, making it 5.91 m long, 2.02 m wide and 2. 70 m high.

The CDI engines start with 4 cylinders and 120 kW/163 HP. Finally, the strongest possible engine the Rondo can be equipped with is a V6 CDI engine with 140 kW/190 HP.

All our vehicles come with particle filter and EURO 6. A 6-geartransmission is standard but a 7-gear-automatic is also available.

Essential safety equipment like a new generation of ESP, ABS, TCR and driver/passenger airbags are just as much standard as a remote controlled centrallocking system, electric windows and heated side mirrors as well as heat insulated glass in the driver's cabin. The Iist of further optional equipment is long and ranges from all-wheel-drive to Xenon headlights. We deliver the Rondo with a special chassis version with enhanced stabilizers and shock absorbers for even more safety while driving. The gross vehicle weight is 3.500 kg or optional 3.880 kg.

When designing the Rondo we wanted the large, fixed rear bed be the main attribute of the vehicle. This is something many caravan owners appreciate. This bed is only able to fit in the usually too small Sprinter chassis thanks to custom enlargements. These enlargements are placed instead of the standard rear windows and fit nicely into the overall lock of the vehicle. This change allows us to fit a 195 cm bed into the only 202 cm wide rear, while still having 20 mm extreme isolation at those broadened parts.

The rear bed is around 90 cm high and 142 cm wide at its broadest point. Below the bed is a large cargo room which can be accessed by the rear doors. This cargo room contains two
11 kg gas bottles, the Truma heater-boiler-combo "Combi 4" as well as a 90 I compressor fridge and a 100 I fresh-water tank. lt is also possible to order a diesel heater instead. This cargo area has a capacity of around 1 ,000 I and can easily carry more than just camp chairs and tables. On the right side of the vehicle, directly next to the bed is the wardrobe. ln front of it is the compact kitchen area with lowered cooker, a sink as well as a cupboard with a multitude of drawers. Above the kitchen, the bed, the seating area as well as the driver's cabin are a series of large overhead eckers.

The first overhead locker above the bed can be erdered with an integrated flat screen monitor that is viewable from the bed and, thanks to special mounting, also comfortably viewable from the front seats.

The seating area consists of two swiveling driver's cabin seats as well as an additional seat or a bench that are placed in front of the wet room. The table is moveable, allowing for a multitude of uses of the seating area. Smart fixations allow placing bottles even while the table is retracted. Below, a newspaper holder is integrated into the chassis.

Located in front oft he bed, on the left side of the vehicle, is the wet room, measuring around 70 x85 cm and equipped with the proven cassette toilette by Thetford, a small shower area and a moveable sink that can be extended and used as a shower head. The Iavatory is hidden below the bed while retracted. This allows us to fully utilize this compact wet room. The wet room's furniture is coated in a white, high-polish Iaminate which is CS standard.

ln order to make the interior of the Rondo feel more spacious, we utilize a broad corridor and excellent lighting and ventilation. For this purpose also a big lift and slide hatch (90 x 50 cm) comes as standard equipment. Of course, all windows are insulated, adjustable and have integrated combination blinds. We also offer an optional second roof hatch.
Furniture is made from 15 mm poplar plywood with a high quality HPL Iaminate and is always combined with solid wood edges.
You can choose between different decors, even real wood. A few optional equipment examples are floor heating and an automatic satellite dish. The fresh-water tank can contain up to 100 I, the wastewater tank up to 85 l. Both are placed below the floor (it is possible to order another frost-proof waste-water tank which can be installed into the rear cargo area).

The electric installation is centered by a 235 Ah gel battery and a respective 30 A charger. 1t consists of multiple LED-lights and outlets.

The many decoration choices such as different furniture decors and seat colors, as well as the multitude in optional equipment allow every vehicle to be a unique piece of work.

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